Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sister Can You Spare a Dime...

...Or enough money to fly back up to your city and join up with my gang friends.

Yeah, right...

Do you think we'd really give money, even if we had it, to the kids' nineteen year old birth brother to do that? Do you think I'd want another gang banger causing trouble around here? It's not like we don't have enough of them around.  We've had three gang related shootings in the past two days. And San Jose used to be the safest large city!

I thought it was the birth father on the phone, so I passed it to Ms. D.  Her brother asked her for money, then asked Hubby. Birth Dad had told us recently that his son wanted to go back to San Jose, but he wasn't behaving himself here. He wasn't liking the rules that Birth Dad imposed. Have to go to work? That's just not fair! Stay out of gangs? How come you don't like my friends? Do something with my life? The world owes me!

So the birth brother called here, whispering his plea to Hubby. He probably didn't want his dad to know he called us for money. Well, we'll tell Birthdad as soon as we can get a hold of him. Right now the kids' brother has his phone.  I have already spoken to Ms. D about not giving money to that particular brother if he asked. She said he wouldn't ever do that. He did today. Surprise!

I'll talk to her tomorrow about it again. Ms. D is so gullible, but I hope she will understand that this guy will not do well here and will do better if he stays in Arizona with Birthdad. The brother just runs all over Birthmom when he is here. Yes, he's family. But sometimes you need to just say no.

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