Friday, August 31, 2012

The Best Text I Recieved This Year!

I just received the best text of the year.

Hubby is safe on Rama Cay!

I was on pins and needles all day because this morning I looked at the satellite image of Bluefields, Nicaragua on the weather report and it didn't look good. There was a big thunderstorm in the area they had to pass through, in a little dugout boat, with a little motor, on the Caribbean. Hubby had a life jacket and is really good on boats. He did, after all, own a canoe shop for awhile and our first dates were on sailboats. But oceans scare me, especially when there are storms and poor communications.

I wanted to hear from him, but the only way for me to hear from him was for him to travel close enough to Bluefields to get a cell phone signal. And to do that, he'd have to go on a small boat in a storm.

Well they did go. Hubby said it was an exciting ride, but they made it over the bar to Bluefields Bay in one piece. Now if you know my Hubby, if he said it was exciting, most of you would probably be peeing your pants in fear. I'm not exaggerating.

But it's good to know that except for a lack of sleep and mosquito bites, he's doing pretty well. In less than a week he'll be home and we'll be able to get back to normal, more or less. I can't wait!

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