Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Pity Party Is Now Over

Ok, the pity party has got to leave the house for the night.

I was all worked up, Poor Me!

I had a hard morning with Mr. I. Then I had to admit to the psychiatry receptionist and a friend who works there that I am one of those kinds of women who put things in places and forgets where I put them, and then hands her the wrong medical card and drops a bunch of change. Yes, maybe I needed to schedule an appointment for myself! My day was also hard because I was trying to figure out how to take care of my grandson tonight and go to a school open house so I can cover for one of my daughters tomorrow evening. And I was overwhelmed by knowing I had to drop that daughter off tomorrow morning and take hubby to a doctor's appointment, leaving the kids and puppy alone for an hour or two. I was also worrying about how I was going to take Ms. D to her appointment Monday when I have Mr. I and the puppy to take care of at the same time. And of course the biggest pity party of all was about Hubby leaving me to go to Nicaragua next week when school is starting and we have our anniversary. Why couldn't the trip have been in July, when it first was scheduled!

Poor Me!

But then I just read a blog asking for prayer for a 3 month old who has leukemia. Wow!

And a friend who messaged me about someone whose marriage is breaking up. I don't know who it is, or even if I know the couple, but it's been happening too much lately.

There are people close to me with serious health problems, cancer, osteoporosis, chronic pain that isn't responding to treatment.

Others have more financial pressures than I do, and they wonder where their next meal will come from, or whether they can hang on to their house, or pay rent, or a pharmacy bill. I know we will get the money we need in a week to sign Ms. D up for school. A little waiting isn't bad!

And during our walk, I passed by a family of Sikhs, and thought of the sorrow and maybe even the fear they must feel about the shooting last week. We were walking two unruly dogs, so I couldn't stop and encourage them, but I did smile and say hello to them as we passed.

And then my pity party seemed a bit silly. Did I really get all worked up because of a twelve year old temper tantrum that I was expecting? It's not like I was blindsided! Am I really that frazzled about appointments and deadlines? Every job has those! Am I really that selfish in wishing Hubby's trip was at a different time? He's going to be such a blessing to others! Why can't I just trust that God to take care of me, my family, and all I need to do? These things are so little compared to the big things I've had to deal with in the past, and others have to deal with now! It's really not that bad!

So pity party, you need to leave our house right now! I am going to enjoy my grandson tonight!

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