Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uncle Visit!

Our kids' uncle came for a visit last night. He and my sister live in another state, so everyone was so excited to see him! He has a way with kids that is so fun and joyful, they can't help to be happy to be around him. Everyone loves Uncle P's jokes! Well, once they get to know him, that is!

So yesterday Uncle P took the kids and Microbio Daughter out for pizza and miniature golf.

They all had a great time! Of course you would think that going with Uncle P was the worst thing I could have done if you heard the kids before he came. According to them, the pizza time would be OK, but they did not want to go miniature golfing. It wasn't their normal routine with Uncle P. They usually go bowling with our whole family, but Hubby had to stay home with the puppy and I had to help Blackbelt Daughter out with manning a taekwando booth at a school open house. Another change in routine was sending Mr. I into a tailspin. He sulked in the car. He told me how he thought I was a horrible mom after I told him that I would keep him home the rest of the weekend if he acted up during the uncle visit. He's really been disrespectful to me lately and part of the reason is he's been getting over excited. A quiet weekend would do him good. But I guess none of his friends ever are grounded, that it bordered on abuse for me to have him stay home, and that I was being too judgemental. I'm such a mean mom!

I had to drop them off at the pizza place because I realized that I had to get to Blackbelt Daughter's open house. Not many teens signed up for taekwando, but I did meet a woman who had adopted two of her grandchildren who have FASD. It's always good to find someone close by who understands the challenges of raising kids with FASD. It's not your average parenting experience!

So how did the evening go for Ms. D and Mr. I, who both didn't want to golf? Well, it went well. They behaved themselves and had a great time.

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