Friday, August 24, 2012

Vet Visit and Eclectic Events

You can't say things here at home have been boring and uneventful while Hubby is in Nicaragua!

Yesterday I took Ms. D to the store to do some much needed grocery shopping. During the outing she told me of some teenage slang that will be pretty useful. I learned that if someone calls a girl thirsty, she is someone who is trying to steal another girl's boyfriend. I learned that funa, means gonna, means going to, and that fina, means trina, means trying to. So you would say I fina go to the store. I still can't figure out what the f is for. I hope it isn't the f word in a contraction, but since she's a teen, it probably is. Oh and I also learned today that Mr. I has learned a lot of gang hand signals from the show, Gangland on the History Channel, and who knows where. He also says Norteno and Sureno with perfect accents, at least to my American white girl ears. I don't know if I should be worried, or glad his favorite shows are on the History Channel.

We had movie night last night. I still haven't moved the mattress Hubby's traveling buddy was using away yet, so Mr. I was able to stretch out and think of something other than missing his dad. Of course, neither child was able to get to sleep early last night, so they slept in this morning. And this resulted in me having to entertain and watch Brewster until it was time to go to the vet for his 12 week shots.  He was sure full of spunk this morning! He also found a sock from somewhere. I've been after my family for years to pick up their socks. Most of them come in the house, take off their socks and shoes, and leave them about. It's annoying to me, but it could be dangerous if the puppy eats them. Now the family is getting better at it, but in the meantime I need to train the puppy to leave socks alone. Who knows if some blind person will be another sock strewer? So I followed the protocol of baiting the puppy and training him. This is what it looked like:
You can be sure he's looking at that sock! Now I'm wondering who will be trained first, the dog or the family. Most people are betting on the dog.

Poor little Brewster had to go to the vet today for some more shots. I really liked this vet, she has been a vet for 30 years and encouraged us to be really careful with Parvo in our area. And as a happy bonus, she gave Brewster a discount for being a guide dog puppy. Brewster actually loved going to the vet and didn't mind the shot at all.  Mr. I and Ms. D were the ones who had a hard time. Mr. I was very obnoxious, and disobedient. He also tried to pet Brewster in a way that was getting him excited, which made Ms. D upset. I would correct both kids, but Mr. I only heard what I had to say to him and then he thought I was being partial to Ms. D. So he would act up more and try to get the last word in. We were in a bad cycle, yet we had a puppy on the table, and didn't know when the vet would show up. Why can't kids act up only at home where you can deal with bad behaviors? Unfortunately the other tempting question is to ask why a twelve year old would act like a kid less than half his age, but knowing about FASD, RAD, and traumatized kids answers that question all too well! It didn't help that he decided to not eat breakfast before the vet visit and was hypoglycemic too. He sometimes gets hunger, thirst, agitation, fear, and the need to relieve himself all mixed up. He just knows he feels bad, and I should know it. Oh, and leave right now because he doesn't like it here. Brewster's injection added to the anxiety. Mr. I was wild eyed, and Ms. D spaced out. I was really worried she would have another seizure, but she held it together. The vet did ask Ms. D a few questions, but Ms. D was unable to say anything more than I don't know and look dazed. Brewster, of course, didn't even know what was going on because he got his first sample of a dog treat during the injection. See kids? It wasn't that bad!

We came home after that, got some food into the kids and puppy, and then walked the neighbor dogs. We put Brewster in the crate and he did well. I think he slept the whole time we were gone. Later I went alone to the homeschool park day. I love the women in our homeschool group, even though the kids are reluctant to come. It will be nice when Brewster is old enough to go with us and Ms. D can have her hands busy. She always does better in social situations when she has a dog or baby to care for.

This evening there is a school study seminar geared for teens and college students. I am interested, but I don't think Ms. D would get much out of it. I'm also wondering if it would just be too much for me to do today, especially since I'll be working with another woman tonight and tomorrow morning to pick up and deliver food. It might be something that would be nice to do, but eat too much of my time right now. There always are choices like that in life, when there are so many good things to do. I have to really be careful what I spend time on, especially now when Hubby is gone for awhile and the kids are so out of it.

As far as I know, Hubby is doing well in Nicaragua. He sent me a text last night saying he was having dinner with a Nicaraguan family we know there. They are like family to Hubby and I know when he is with them and other friends there, he will be fine. We are limited in the number of texts, and phone calls are pretty expensive, even though he did change his phone plan ahead of this trip. One year he forgot to do this, and the roaming charges were in the hundreds of dollars. It would have been cheaper to see him in Nicaragua in person! Hubby learned after that to change the plan to international before the trip, text more than talk, and use the phone sparingly. Then when the trip is over he reverts back to the old plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wow, I just fell asleep at the computer. But it's time to get some food cooked for supper and hang up some laundry. I'm glad, though, that things are busy and I don't have time to sit around missing Hubby.

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