Thursday, August 2, 2012

What a Difference a Nap Makes!

Sometimes a girl just needs a nap. Sleep deprivation makes it harder to function, and I was definitely low on sleep, both in hours and quality. But after a nice afternoon nap, things sure looked a lot better.

I was able to make a nice taco dinner, which was a good for such a hot day. I did forget that I put some yams in the sun oven before the nap, but all I'll have to do is warm them up for tomorrow's dinner. Yams don't really go very well with tacos anyway, but they needed to be cooked before they went bad.

I went to the store with Hubby to get some supplies for his coming trip to Nicaragua and for some things for home. We stopped at a friend's house to deliver some groceries in the Manna Mobile on the way. It was so good to have some time to talk with Hubby and reconnect. I wasn't connecting with anyone yesterday!

Which brings me to another thing I did this evening. I went to Ms. D's friend and apologized for yelling at her over the phone yesterday. I didn't minimize her and Ms. D's behavior and poor decisions, but I shouldn't have raised my voice. I hoped we could mend our relationship but at the same time make it clear that what they did was not safe or considerate. We'll see how it goes over time.

When we got home and put the ice cream in the freezer, I joined Microbio Daughter and Mr. I at the neighbor's pool. Mr. I is getting to be a pretty fast swimmer! He even beat me!

I feel so much better after getting some rest. I was able to do some laundry, clean up a bit, and take care of the animals after swimming. I think I got more done in the five hours after the nap than the nine or ten hours before. It makes such a difference in my attitude, energy, and what I can accomplish. Naps are wonderful!

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