Thursday, August 2, 2012

What We Didn't Do Today

Today we didn't do much of anything.

Ms. D didn't spend half the day at the park with a friend and the dog when she should have been taking a fairly short walk.

Mr. I and I didn't go to a free San Jose Giants baseball game. The tickets were good for last night, which was a wash with all the girl drama, and for today. But I decided a nice quiet day was better than something that would overstimulate the kids, so we stayed home. I couldn't leave Ms. D and the dog home alone either, in fear of another repeat of yesterday.  Mr. I hasn't asked about the game so far. I hope he forgets until the next free game.

We didn't raise our voices, do anything exciting, or have any meltdowns. It always amazes me how the kids will slowly build up to a crisis over days or weeks, have a meltdown, and then act amazing the next day or week. Ms. D is connected to us, helped Hubby deliver food yesterday, and is pleasant to be around. Mr. I isn't begging to buy stuff or running off to the neighbors because we don't have "anything good" (translation: junk food) around here.  They are better at calming themselves down, yet have a long way to go. Hopefully they will learn to regulate themselves before they are adults. It's hard enough for people to give slack to whiny, bossy, or sullen teens who have temper tantrums, but adults? No way!

I didn't deliver food to a neighbor, but asked her to come here and pick it up. It was good to chat, since we haven't walked together in ages. I think I'll call her tomorrow morning.

Today I also didn't tackle any new projects, exercise, or do deep cleaning or organizing. I didn't work on this coming year's schoolwork planning. I may do more later, but I'm still pretty drained from yesterday. I did do quite a bit of puppy training, walking, and watching so Ms. D could get more sleep. I watched some Olympics and I won't spoil anything for those who want to watch it tonight. Well, I think I can be safe in saying the US and Nigeria basketball game is so lopsided, it's boring, and the halftime show with jump ropes is odd. So, I think I'll take a nap, since I didn't sleep very well after yesterday.

After some rest, I hope to write a little of what we did do today. But even if I don't, it's OK. Sometimes it's good to slow down the rhythm of life and not run, run, run 24/7. Sometimes it's good to model calming myself down, so that the kids can learn that skill. Or maybe I'm just being lazy. Nevertheless, I'm going to bring out the pillow and close my eyes, even for a few minutes.

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