Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Dozen Down....

Yesterday was quite a day...

I ordered sixty pounds of tomatoes a week ahead of time, thinking not much was going to happen and I could can some food after schoolwork. But then in the morning I noticed a text to pick up food to distribute to those in need. So we started school a bit late so I could pick up the food. Which bumped school work into the late morning and early afternoon, which delayed the canning. I also had to get supper made, which consisted mostly of leftovers, except for the fresh corn on the cob, but it still took time. Then a neighbor called and asked if we could watch her son for a couple of hours. We did, but Hubby had to take Ms. D to the guide dog meeting. I was still canning, and if it were not for Microbio daughter stepping to the plate and playing with the little guy before her own meeting, things would not have gone so smoothly. But I was still canning until fairly late. And I only finished twelve quarts.

So this morning I was going to finish the rest of the tomatoes. But the puppy woke up early and needed a lot more attention than normal. Normal for him is a lot. So I didn't get anything else done, except for a load of laundry. I woke the kids pretty late because the time was so filled. Thinking they'd get their breakfast and start schoolwork, I went outside to try to weed my front garden before the lawn debris truck came by. Then a friend dropped some coolers off for the food distribution and we chatted. I came in to find that Mr. I did some schoolwork but Ms. D was still in bed. She was so groggy, I don't think she got a thing out of what we did today. We took a walk with the dogs, but she couldn't finish. I guess she really was sick!

So today I'm starting the canning process late again. So much for grand plans! I guess this is why I haven't canned much food since I got the two younger ones. There's always something coming up! But I have twelve quarts of tomatoes done, and about twelve more to go. Oh, and the strawberries I bought last weekend need some attention...and the apples!

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