Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bee Guild Picnic

Today was the annual Bee Guild Picnic! We met outdoors at a fellow beekeeper's garden and patio. I'm guessing the property was on about an acre, which is pretty impressive for Silicon Valley. There were fruit trees, gardens, chickens, irises, and of course a few hives.
Bee Guild Picnic
Check Out the Guy With the White Hat and Bow Tie!

We had a potluck and barbecue main dish.
The food was so good and I ate too much again!
I love the bee people! I guess bees attract a certain kind of person. You have to bee willing to work with little insects that can hurt you, yet can produce such a yummy food you can share if you break into their houses and can still keep calm. And yes, we walked around the host's hives with no bee suits and no worries. Well, one woman flinched when a bee bumped into her as she stood in front of the hive, but other than that, there wasn't a sign of distress. Nerves of steel! These are real beekeepers!
We sat at tables under shades 
It was good to talk to people about beekeeping. We learned so much again! We also talked about philosophy, work, whether it's worth it or not to have a degree that will not guarantee a job, how to control rats and raccoons, and more. Hubby was even able to tell people about his non profit, Progress Tools, what he does there, and even briefly share how people were healed on his last trip. Others had some good ideas for businesses and other needs, and some more networking opportunities for Hubby and the people of Nicaragua.

I was so glad we went. So often we don't take time for mixing with people who aren't just like us. There were scientists and gardeners, retired people and kids, people from California and others from across the world. Yes, it's good to get support and have camaraderie with those going through similar circumstances. I get so much out of being with other moms of special needs kids, or other Christians. But it's also good to mix things up a bit and cross pollinate with those who are different. I need both.

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