Saturday, September 1, 2012

Color Me Rad!

Today I ran/walked my first 5k with Mr. I, Microbio Daughter, Photography Son and his wife, and a few friends. It was one of those fun Color Me Rad 5k runs where you get colored powder and spray all over you.
Mr. I and Me at the End of the 5k
We started out in white, but ended up with color all over!
At the Starting Line. Notice the Gray Skies.
Microbio Daughter
I think the organizers thought the Rad was for radical. But I was thinking that for Mr. I, it was more RAD for reactive attachment disorder, because I sure had to deal with RAD behaviors! Mr. I was a bit off kilter anyway because of Hubby being in Nicaragua. And my idea of going to a new place with a crowd of people was just too much for his sensitive sensory system. He's the one I used to have to put sun glasses and ear buds on in order to shop at Costco, cut off all labels on clothes, and search for seamless socks. And then when he realized that people were going to throw colored powder and squirting paint at the racers, he just about flipped! Mr. I let me know that it was too much. Over and over again! He mumbled, he dawdled, he told me he'd punch anyone out if they'd get any powder or paint on him. Yeah. It wasn't too fun the first half of the race. I was wondering why I even tried to stretch him a bit, because it seemed the only things that were being stretched were my own nerves and patience.

Mr. I Smiling at the End of the Race
But by the end, Mr. I liked it. He enjoyed being with the family and friends. He didn't mind it when he got color on him. He not only finished the race, but he overcame! And thankfully, he didn't punch anyone out!
My Beautiful Daughter in Law and Friend

Mr. I and Me. The Awful Shorts Are Going Away After Today!
Oh, and thank you for the wonderful color pictures of the day. I took the before picture on my phone. You can tell the difference when you have a real photographer take a picture.

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