Saturday, September 22, 2012

Discovering God

Last night and this afternoon Hubby and I went to a conference given by City Team and Gathering by the Bay. There was so much to learn, and even more for me to change, in the way I think about helping people to get to know God better. I had lost the desire to get people to come to my church a long time ago, yet I still want people to know God. But how do you do that, when so many people have been hurt, or bored, or turned off by churches for one reason or another? How do you encourage families and other close groups to get together and learn about the Bible themselves, without a lot of top down control? Even though I've heard some of the stuff before, there were things that really rocked me. I wonder what kind of things have I innocently, yet wrongly, done to get between people and God, and to get in the way of people discovering God for themselves? I'm sure there's been plenty!

I'm so thankful that I was able to go, though I did miss a bit this morning because Brewster needed his last Parvo and his rabies shots. One more week and we'll be able to take him out to discover the world! Wow! I just realized that there is a tie between Brewster discovering the world, and people discovering God. Just like Brewster, we don't see, we really have no clue, what is beyond our experience. Others can tell us, but we don't really know until we take those first steps. And there is more than we can possibly imagine, even after we start the journey. Life is so amazing! Life with God is pretty amazing too!

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