Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do We Need it for Life?

I mentioned in the last post that Mr. I was behaving pretty oddly and that I recorded just a snippet of the time to look at later. It was just too odd and overwhelming! I tend to block out or forget really upsetting experiences in order to function.  There's probably some pretty fancy psychological explanation, but that's how I flow. It's not the best way. It's just a way I get through life when things are overwhelming. That's why I like to talk about things with other people, like my sisters, who have lived through some of the same experiences. They are able to fill in the blanks in my memory.

So it wasn't until just now, when I read one woman's question about how to best teach her daughter scripture, that I remembered one of the conversations we had this morning with the kids. We usually read a Psalm or go through a Bible curriculum first thing in the morning. We've been reading Psalms the past couple of weeks because they bring comfort. To me, it's also a reminder of what's most important in my kids' eduction.

But this time, Mr. I fussed and complained about doing any work at all. Of course he complained the most with the first subject. He whined, "Why do we need to read the Bible? It's not like we need it for life or anything!"

Oh, Mr. I we do. Without the foundation of our relationship with God, there is nothing that matters. The Bible helps us in that relationship with God. It tells us His nature, how to live our life, how to relate to others, and brings encouragement and hope in a pretty scary world. Without God, our lives would be empty and meaningless. There is more to life than living for yourself, Mr. I.  It doesn't matter how much you know academically if you don't have a strong moral foundation. There are a lot of really smart people in jails. I know you do have a faith in God, but right now you're pretty scared and uncomfortable with your dad being away. But I hope that both you and your sister will learn to run toward God, and not away, in times of trouble.

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