Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grandson Time!

This morning didn't start out too well.

It started way to early, about 4:30 am. I had gone to bed about 11:00 the night before. I heard the chicks make a ton of noise and then heard something fly over the fence. I thought an owl got one of the chicks, with all the noise that I heard. I was too tired to get up and check but couldn't fall back to sleep because...

At 5:00 Hubby's alarm clock went off. I didn't need to, but I got up to find his t-shirt in the drawer. He was trying to be nice to me and not turn the light on bright, so he couldn't find the t-shirt. I was the one who put it in there, so I knew I could find it.

So when he left just before 6:00, I thought I could squeeze a little sleep in before I got the puppy up.

But just when I fell asleep, around 6:20, the chickens started making noise, a lot of noise. So I got up, just in time to see a cat running from the chickens. After spending about ten to fifteen minutes trying to calm the chickens down, and realizing that one of the chicks was missing, I tried to sleep again.

But at 7:00, my son called and said that Green Mama was feeling pretty green and could I watch Grandson? Could I? Of course!

So I quickly showered, got dressed, hung up some clothes on the line, noticed the chick wasn't missing but had just flown over the fence, turned on the frying pan for some french toast, did an ADD thing and decided to retrieve the chick, went to the neighbors only to discover they locked their gate and the chick would come to me but not close enough to grab, went back to the house to discover that Microbio daughter was fanning the smoke alarm because I left the pan burning, thanked her for turning off the pan, got some cracked corn to lure the chick, grabbed the chick under the neighbor's gate, took her back home, fed the chickens, finished fixing breakfast, ate, took care of the puppy, did a load of dishes...

And then Grandson came!!!!!

The rest of the day was definitely at a slower pace.
We did our homeschool. We played. We ate.
We took a walk.
Mr. I walking Grandson
We napped.
Ms. D got Grandson to sleep right away!
Even I got a much needed nap.
I did a little housework and went to the farm stand to get some fresh veggies and corn.
We did some gardening with Grandson when Hubby came home.
We ate a nice chicken dinner.
We slowed down our day, and it sure was good!
Oh, and here's a bonus puppy pic from last night:
Microbio Daughter and Brewster
Isn't Brewster cute?

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