Sunday, September 9, 2012

Growing Guides at the History Park

Today Hubby and I took Brewster to the History Park for a Growing Guides meeting.
Because he hasn't had all his shots yet, we had to carry him around. Ms. D didn't go with us because she didn't want to carry Brewster. She asked if she could go to church with her sister instead. If a kid asks to go to church, how can you say no?
I was so thankful there was a bench here!
Today, the guide dog puppies practiced walking or being carried around antique cars, boardwalks, and lots of people. Hubby and I traded off carrying Brewster since he's getting so big to carry.  We sure got our workout today! I can't wait until he gets his shots in two weeks and we can walk him in more places without having to worry about Parvo.

Brewster also got his little guide dog puppy jacket today. He doesn't really like it too much yet, but someday it will get him access to places other dogs don't get to go. Of course, most of these dogs are awesome and well behaved. The leaders of our group are also experts on raising guide dogs. If we have any problems at all, they know just what to do to help fix the problem. We are so blessed to have such a good group of people to help us.

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