Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Microbio Daughter!

Today was Microbio Daughter's 25th birthday!

She is the most amazing woman! If you know her, you'd see the quiet peace and strength she brings wherever she goes. You hardly know she's there, except things get done. So many times she has seen a need and quietly filled it. She's not one to blow her own horn, yet she would have good reason to. She's smart, beautiful, and kind. She is as comfortable in third world countries as she is in Silicon Valley. I guess you almost have to be in our house! She was the kind of little girl that would insist on wearing only dresses, yet would sled or ride a Big Wheel down a steep country driveway. I sometimes worried about ignoring her needs because of the siblings that needed more attention. Sometimes the squeaky wheels get the grease. She definitely has not been a squeaky wheel. She taught herself to read just by listening to me try to teach her older brothers. When other teenagers were getting help from their parents with SAT prep and college admissions, she had to do those things on her own. And yet again, she rose to the challenge and went to Cal Poly. It has been an awesome privilege to see her blossom into a young woman. It will be exciting to see what the next few years will hold for her. I pray that God will bless her! She has been such a blessing to me and others.

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