Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom

Hi Mom,
Today is your birthday and tomorrow is mine! I'm so glad that we get to almost share our special days. It's funny how the busier I get as a mom, the more I appreciate all you went through when we were little. When I get overwhelmed with two kids which require a lot of extra attention, and the house is getting messy, and people come over, and so many projects get pushed aside, I think of what you went through when I was young. When I think I have my plate a little too full, I remember how you raised four kids who were only 4 1/2 years apart, and then you went back to nursing school and worked full time when Dad lost his sight. Oh, and my sister was hit by a truck. And finances were pretty bad for awhile. And Dad was pretty down most of the time because everything he loved to do required sight, so you had to pick up the slack. I just don't know how you ever did it. We were quite a handful! Yet you survived. And you not only survived, but you stuck with us and gave us a good example in how much one can do when you just do what you have to do. Because of your example, I know that tomorrow can be better, that hard times are usually just for a season, that good follows bad, and to work hard. I learned to be faithful and have a strong commitment to my husband, even through hard times. And I learned to love kids. So thanks, Mom! And I hope the coming year will be a blessed one for you!
Love you!

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