Monday, September 10, 2012

Homeschool Happenings

Today we had two homeschool events.

The first one was a lunch picnic for our larger homeschool group. Ms. D had cramps so she couldn't come, but I bribed Mr. I with whatever fast food he wanted if he would come with me. He chose Chinese food, which was good. It took him a little time to warm up, but after about half an hour he started playing and didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, he fell and his iPod fell out of his pocket and broke, so we had to get it fixed later in the afternoon. Sometimes listening to music helps him with the transition when we go to new places. It may seem rude to some, but for a child who has so many sensory issues, it really does help in the long run. So it is important that he can have something to calm him in unfamiliar situations. So this afternoon after we got it fixed, we bought a good cover for it. Mr. I had asked for one a few weeks ago when he bought the iPod from one of his older sisters, but I was too busy and forgot. So it was kind of my fault that it broke. He was also very worried about what Hubby would say. I told him he should tell his dad what happened and Hubby wouldn't be upset. Mr. I wasn't too sure. But Mr. I told Hubby as soon as he got home from work, and guess what? Mr. I was wrong! This was a good lesson for Mr. I about grace, accepting responsibility, and not running and hiding from potential problems. It also was a bonding time for Mr. I and Hubby, which was so good after Hubby's trip. All this may have been a blessing because of the opportunity for them to reconnect. Relationships are far more important than stuff.

Later this evening I was able to go to my smaller homeschool group's Moms Night Out. It was good to tell each other what struggles we have been having and pray for each other. Each one of us who came tonight had situations in our families that were difficult, if not now, in the recent past. So we were able to offer support to those who were in the midst of struggle. I love my group because there isn't a facade of perfection. I can be real. My kids can be accepted as they are. I am not judged because of my kids. And best of all, people lift each other up in times of need. I am so happy to hear of how these women help each other through difficult times, even when they have things to deal with in their own lives. They are awesome! I just can't tell them that enough!

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