Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm Not Martha, Really I'm Not

I have eight cups of strawberry jam in the canner right now. I canned twelve more quarts of tomatoes yesterday, bringing the total to thirty in three days. I'm planning to finish up the tomatoes tomorrow or the next day, and maybe some applesauce. And if you think I'm competing with Martha Stewart or something, realize that I have let just about everything else go the past few days. I have a pile of dirty clothes in the garage waiting to be washed, since I've only done one load a day, and a pile of clean clothes on the family room sofa waiting for the family to pick through so I don't have to fold. My house is a mess, especially the kitchen, though the dog enjoyed licking up the tomato sauce drippings off the floor. I should be cleaning, but instead I'm sitting at the computer talking about it. It's almost as bad as when people come to a prayer meeting and spend almost all the time talking about prayer instead of actually doing it! And for those of you who are thinking I should get my family to do something, you should know that all those who are well are more than pulling their weight. Well, except for Mr. I, which would require a lot more effort than I care to spend right now.

It's been a really tough week with the little ones. I don't know if it has been the mild virus passing through the ranks, hormones, birth family contact, the kids hiding something from me, or what, but their behaviors have been almost unbearable. I'd blame it on the canning projects and the lack of attention, but they started before I even got the jars out Wednesday, and I've saved most of the canning for when other members of the family were home. I was thinking the kids were doing better yesterday, but I was just getting accustomed to being treated like dirt. Hubby saw them at one of their better times and thought it was bad, so he talked to them. Even a little talking from Dad moved them to tears, and they started to treat me better after that. But there's something going on which I just can't figure out. I guess that's another reason why I'm not getting as much done. This parenting of kids with FASD and past trauma brings a certain level of stress with it, and I don't have much emotional energy after dealing with the kids' dysregulation.

Of course, there have been good times this week, which is so needed! Canning is so satisfying because I get to see a finished product which will last awhile. Too much of what I do is unseen, or only lasts a few hours. Dishes need to be done twice a day, and so does laundry. It's hard to measure the kids' progress in school work. You get the picture. It is so good to see something finished!

We were able to go to Jamba Juice yesterday and get their $1 smoothies because of a special. I loved the pomegranate kind. Yum! Hubby delivered a bunch of food Wednesday and today and cleaned out his side of the closet. Of course it now makes my side look even worse, but it's nice to have something organized, even if I didn't do it. Well, especially since I didn't have to do it!

My oldest son and wife were able to go to Hawaii for a vacation, which may be the last time they'll be able to go for awhile, now that Grandson is almost two and Drumming Son is hopefully going back to school soon. And except for a scare when my son hit his head on some concrete stairs the first day, they are having a great time. Photography son and his wife just celebrated their second anniversary! Microbio Daughter has been helping me a lot with the puppy and Ms. D. I'm so thankful for the way she just pitches in when she sees a need. We went to the farmers market together today and we got some awesome fruit, vegetables, and cheese. Yum! And I was able to see Blackbelt Daughter in action today as she tutored a neighbor girl. It's so good to see my kids doing their passions and making a difference in the world!
Oh, and I'll have to add great friends which encourage and help each other in our times of need. It seems like even though this week has been difficult for me, I've had plenty of encouragement from others, even as I encourage or bless them in some way. I couldn't do what I do without the support of family and friends in my life. I guess even the real Martha Stewart has a team around her! No one can do life alone!

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  1. Ah, so sorry to hear about the hard week. "but I was just getting accustomed to being treated like dirt." : ( Has anyone told you today that you are a fabulous mom? Because you are. And look at you go with the canning--you go, girl! Who cares about the floor--it will get cleaned. Savor your small achievements, and those good moments with your kids. I had the best day without kids to refresh my spirit today--I hope you get refreshed in some way this weekend before the next week starts!