Friday, September 7, 2012

Landing Back in the US

Trips like Hubby's are not over when the plane lands back in the US. There is always a bit of adjustment in the reentry.

I picked up Hubby at 12:30 this morning at SFO and we made it home at about 1:30am. The man he traveled with slept overnight at our home in the living room. Hubby and I then went to bed, late. Of course, Hubby first had to take a shower. Ha! He was not about to get into bed with me without one. We woke up around six to my daughter taking care of the puppy, I talked with Hubby for another hour or so and started the day. 

I made a big breakfast of pancakes and eggs for the guys. No, I didn't cook them rice, beans, and fish, which was their staple diet for two weeks. We also ate some of the delicious pastries that one of Hubby's Nicaraguan friend made using the oven that Progress Tools financed. After caring for our animals and listening to some more stories about the trip, I realized that I had just a few minutes to get things together for a phone consult with Ms. D's new homeschool PSP. Two hours later I was encouraged and ready to tackle high school with a daughter whose FASD has caused learning problems. 

We did a little schoolwork, I talked to a friend on the phone from another state, and we walked the dogs. Green Mama called and wanted to know if she and my grandson, Little Drummer Boy, could come over. Could they! Of Course! It was so good to have them over for pizza and spend some time with them. 

Then I got a call that there was a little food to be delivered a day early. When I picked it up, I found out that it was more than I thought, but it worked out well. The woman delivering food for us tomorrow wasn't going to get help from a neighbor who couldn't turn down a one day paying job. So after Grandson and family left, Hubby and I delivered food to part of the usual route in the Manna Mobile. It was a stretch physically, but it was good for us to have some time to talk. Hubby has so many stories, it will take a long time to hear every one. It was a bit of a shock for him though. Everything looks so different when you come back from a place that is so unlike your own. You kind of expect that feeling when you are going out, but there is just as big of an adjustment to coming home. Hopefully, I'll be able to help the family with this, and Hubby's reentry into American family life will go smoothly.
Hubby With the Oldest Rama Woman
But so far, the kids are already doing better with Hubby being home. I have been too busy to do much housework, and feel like the chore list is multiplying as my energy level decreases. But chores are one of the things that hang around and will be there in the morning. I'd better get some sleep soon, though. I'm falling asleep writing, and that can be pretty dangerous! 

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