Monday, September 17, 2012

Swing Low, Swing High

There is so much happening, it may have been better to break it up into different posts. But I decided to put it all together, since this is how I'm processing all the things in real time. There are extremely awesome things going on, and things that trouble me.

I'll start with the troublesome things, because I really like to end on a positive note.

Today is another court date for oldest birth brother. He's the one that's been in jail for a few years awaiting trial for murdering a nineteen year old girl while in a group of family members on the light rail. Hubby has attended a few of these court proceedings, but we decided it would be best to stay away this time. Why? Because the birth family has distanced themselves from us lately and we haven't seen the birth mom since May. And when that has happened in the past, there usually was a good reason, mom in jail, drug use, gang activity, that sort of thing. Ms. D has had less seizure activity since then also. The only time was when she had her blood drawn, which says something to me. I will still look up the case as well as I can online, we will still pray for the family, but we won't be the ones to initiate contact. They know how to find us. Our kids know that if they want to, we will make the phone call or visit, but they don't ask. I think they realize that not all is well at the birth family's house right now. So I have made the decision to not tell the kids about the hearing today. Nothing will probably happen anyway, other than a decision to meet at a later day.

Another troublesome thing was that I got a friend request from a guy I knew in high school. We were friends in band when I was thirteen and fourteen, but I stayed away from him when I felt uncomfortable with some of the things he did. I'm glad I broke contact! When I got the friend request, I felt uneasy, so I decided to look up what he was up to the past thirty something years. I'm glad I did that before I accepted the request. I found out that he did become a doctor like he had planned, but four years ago he was convicted of sexual assault, child porn, and drug charges. I can say a lot about this, but I won't. It's just too disturbing. I'll just say I'm thankful that because of the birth family, I learned to look up things about people on the internet!

Ok, that's enough of the creepy, dark, stuff! Let's now focus on the amazing, wonderful things!

At church the other night a friend handed us a card. In it was a generous check for us to use for travel and household expenses. It was amazing! We really could use the money this week because I need to get the van's brakes and shocks, or struts or whatever that car uses, looked at. I've been ignoring the sounds and the really bouncy ride the past couple of months because there were other priorities. But now we'll have enough for the repairs! It is such a blessing!

And another thing I am looking forward to this evening is my very first major league baseball game! Microbio Daughter is taking Mr. I and me to the Giants game this evening for my birthday! I have always been baseball crazy. I grew up a Cubs fan, living in Illinois, but the Giants were always my second favorite team as a kid. And now that I'm living in California, I think it's about equal. Please be nice to me, my Illinois friends!

Well, now I need to get ready to take Ms. D back to Child Psychiatry. I don't know why we're having this appointment, but I'm guessing it's because we have a new psychologist. Our last one moved to Illinois, of all places!

So, as you can see, I've had awesome things and troublesome things happening the past couple of days.
But when I think about it, the troublesome things are around us, but haven't really touched us. And even though even world events are disturbing, God is showing us that He cares for us, is protecting us, and will take care of us. He is blessing us, through others and directly, and is bringing us through. And with that knowledge, I can come out the other side.

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