Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Burn Picnic

This afternoon we went to a place in the Santa Cruz Mountains that burned a few years ago. A man at our church has brought groups to help the people there. Today, there was another work group, followed by a picnic and music by Danny Daniels. It was pretty awesome. The food was good, the weather was pleasant, and Danny came through again with beautiful music.
Danny Daniels
I helped a bit by grilling some of the meat. The only problem was that I got stung by a yellow jacket that worked its way up my skirt and got me near the waistband. It didn't hurt much, but it did make me feel kind of weird the rest of the night. My ears are ringing a bit and I feel a bit fuzzy headed. Fortunately, I don't feel any asthma. I hope I was halfway with it while talking to people. One woman asked me a question about our homeschool group and I couldn't remember when the next meeting was. It was hard for me to focus. Actually, I hope all this makes sense when I reread it tomorrow. It's always so embarrassing when you think you are writing fairly well despite your illness, or have a great idea in the middle of the night, only to look at it later and wonder where your head was. Well, right now my head is feeling strange, so this might give a few people a laugh, maybe even myself!
A few of the people at the picnic

A few more listening to Danny

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