Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too Much Food in the House!

Yesterday Mr. I complained that there was "nothing to eat" in our house.

Today he complained that there is too much food in our house.

Today he is right!

But don't worry. I'm not hoarding. I just picked up a bunch of produce and desserts for the food distribution ministry. And since leaving it in the car all day until we could deliver it was not a good idea, I piled the food in our dining room. This is how much that was left over after I had already given some to neighbors. Yes, there really is a lot of food, but it will go out this evening. The food we get is like manna. It only lasts a day or two, and then it spoils. That's why we nicknamed our car the Manna Mobile!

I also picked up sixty pounds of tomatoes today at the farm stand closest to our house. I'm making some tomato sauce. Maybe if I get tired before I'm done I'll just can the tomatoes straight. Those would be good in chili.

I found out the farm stand sells seconds for half price, which makes it worth it to can, especially since I already have the jars. Mr. I was asking my why I bought so much, and I told him that this was the harvest time and I like to can. He told me that I never did this before. It was then I realized that even though I canned all the time when we lived in Oregon over thirteen years ago, I haven't done a lot of canning here in California. He hasn't seen me can food much at all. I've done some canning, a batch of jam here and there. But it was hard to justify canning when the cost of produce was so high compared to what I was used to, and we could grow a little bit of food year round in our small garden. It also was pretty dangerous to have boiling things on the stove when the youngest two were smaller. They just didn't have the sense to stay out of trouble and I was afraid of burns. Now they are old enough to stay away from harm. Or maybe they know that if they are near, I'll ask them to help!

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