Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Blind Man, A Puppy Parade, Babies, and a Meltdown

We brought Brewster last night to church with us. The people hosting the gathering were dog friendly and had a really mellow golden retriever, so we asked to take our puppy along. It worked out pretty well, except for a neighbor's dog who wouldn't stop barking at Brewster when Ms. D had him in the back yard. A blind man who occasionally comes to our church came. He was actually the inspiration for Hubby to raise a dog for the blind when our friend was denied another guide dog last spring. Mr. R loved Brewster and our friend's dog. I was really worried about how Mr. R would respond to our puppy, knowing that he wanted a dog so badly, but can't at this time. But he loved Brewster! Look at his smile!

This morning Hubby, Ms. D, and her friend went to Pacific Grove for a guide dog meeting and a walk by the beach, lunch, and a time to socialize.

It was a puppy parade!

The weather was beautiful!

Puppies were passed around and people got to walk other dogs. The leaders from Guide Dogs for the Blind were able to check out all the puppies, see how they were progressing, and answer questions. I wish I could have gone, but Ms. D had asked if her friend could go with and we had already sent in a head count for lunch.

It worked out fine though. I got to spend some time with my grandson and his little cousin.

I also ate too much! Sweet Tomatoes is a dangerous place for someone who loves salads!

This evening, Mr. I and Ms D were tired and grumpy. Mr. I came home from a weekend at a friend's house, and Ms. D was hungry and exhausted from such a busy day. She had also gone to the end of a three year old neighbor's birthday party. Ms. D was spacing off and ignoring simple requests, like put the leash on the dog. She would look at me like she had no idea what I was saying and would just stare. Of course, she was out of sorts from sleeping over at her friend's house,  and earlier in the day she refused to eat anything but chips and drank too much soda. Hubby was waiting her out, so that she would eventually eat good food. Instead, she and her friend tricked her friend's mom into getting them Taco Bell. Hubby went over to the friend's house to straighten things out, and Mr. I flipped. He was completely dysregulated. It wasn't pretty. I didn't yell. Yeah! But guess which two kids went to bed at 8:00?

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