Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Boy Crate

Brewster, the guide dog puppy is growing so quickly! I felt a bit sorry having him squeeze into his little puppy crate, so I looked online for a bigger used one. Now that he isn't having many accidents, he could use one that had a little extra room.  I found a crate for half price not to far from our home. When I took it home and tried to assemble it yesterday, I found out why it was never used. The plastic connectors were too large for the openings. I just couldn't figure out how they would possibly fit. So I went to the hardware store this afternoon to get some nuts and bolts. So now Brewster has a big boy crate that he can grow into.

Brewster was a bit uneasy about going in it at first, but Mr. I went in with him to show Brewster that it was OK. I thought it was so good that Mr. I thought of a way to introduce the puppy to a new experience.  Brewster went in when he saw Mr. I there. Most of us have a difficult time in new situations. But isn't it easier when there is someone will go with us, who knows that it will be fine because they have gone through similar circumstances? Isn't it comforting when we go through difficulties, that we know we are not alone? Sometimes we feel we can't make it through trials, but we are encouraged when someone is there with us, cheering us on. I am glad to know that I will never be abandoned, that God is always here, cheering me on and paving the way.

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