Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crock Pot Apple Sauce and Lazy Sunday

Today was a restful day. Yesterday's migraine is still hanging on, and since Hubby isn't feeling well I have a suspicion that the migraine might not be the only thing weighing me down. One of the nice things about having church on Saturday evenings is that Sundays are great for talking to neighbors, going to guide dog meetings, and doing just about nothing if we feel like it. Today was one of those do not much of anything days. And I was thankful for a good excuse for laying around with sunglasses on.

While lying on the couch (and yes, I had to look up whether it's lying or laying), I read just about all of Pioneer Woman's book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I might even finish it tonight, if I get off the computer. It's a fun book to read and makes me wish she was my next door neighbor. After reading her book and blog, I feel like I know her already!

I also waited to hear from the grocery store in case I was mistaken and the teller did give me cash back yesterday. But there were no calls! I was happy to remember that the teller was a woman and most of our interaction. Maybe my brain isn't as muddled as I thought. I am so glad that I had done this at my neighborhood store, even though everyone I've talked to thinks I'd be embarrassed. I don't think a larger store manager would have believed me. I almost didn't believe me. When the migraines come, my brain takes a vacation. I wonder if it's on a nice beach where there is warm water and coconut palms. It's certainly not here.

I felt a little guilty doing nothing today. I also had apples that had been sitting on my counter a little too long. Nobody wants to eat them in that state, and I've been making and eating too many sweets lately to justify making a pie. So I decided to make some applesauce. Of course, with my mind being so spacey right now, I couldn't trust myself with slow cooking apples on the stove. The hot cereal I made this morning was risky enough. But I was sure I'd forget about the apples and start a fire or at least scorch them to death. I had just made stew yesterday, and the crock pot was still on the counter. So I cut up the apples and stuck them in the crock pot with a tiny bit of water. They cooked most of the afternoon. I did forget about them until Mr. I walked in the door and asked what the weird smell was. Oh! The apples were done!

After cooking the apples until mushy, I put them through a strainer, and then added a little brown sugar and cinnamon to taste. I didn't think to take pictures until after I was done, but it was really easy to make. The applesauce was so good warm. We ate it for dessert after a dinner of leftovers. It would have been even better with vanilla ice cream. But with the lack of exercise today, it was good we didn't have the ice cream. My waistline is big enough right now.

Making crock pot apple sauce wouldn't be good for large batches to can, but for a quart or two it was perfect. I didn't have to fuss over it, or worry about scorching. I think I'll make more applesauce in the crock pot.

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