Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today I received and email saying that our local regional center denied Ms. D services. 

Our regional center is notorious for denying people the help they need. Just having FAS or autism isn't enough. I guess having an IQ test of 50-70 isn't enough either if she doesn't "look retarded." I see the difficulties Ms. D has processing information because I teach her every day. But for the average person seeing her for less than an hour, she seems perfectly normal. It is a blessing and a curse.

I don't know whether to fight this or not. I have enough on my plate dealing with the kids themselves without having to fight a bureaucratic agency. California is not a good state to have a child with special needs, especially with FASD.

I want Ms. D to have all the resources that she will need in the future. Now, she is protected and nurtured in our home. But when she is an adult, we won't be able to protect her in the same way. The statistics don't look good. I will need all the wisdom God can give me. I pray that God will give Ms. D all she needs to live a good life.

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