Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do Unto Others...

Yesterday I was able to do one of my favorite things, to love on my little grandson! We had a great time, playing, making music, snuggling, and going outside to look at the pond and the planes. I was able to pretend I was one of those homeschool moms who have a dozen kids of all ages. That was a pretty difficult thing to do because I kept getting distracted by Grandson's cute little antics. It was one of those times when the teacher was more distracted than the students. But we got work done and we all had a great time.
We were watching Grandson because his mommy, Green Mama, was with a friend who had a new baby. I remember how anxious I was the first week that Hubby went to work after we had our first baby. And I remember how overwhelmed I was when I had baby number four and the other kids started passing around chicken pox the day I came home from a c-section. Then I caught bronchitis the day after Hubby went back to work, when the baby was only two weeks old. Being a new parent is scary enough, but the first few days alone are the worst, even if it's only for a few hours, and even if things are going well. I am sure Green Mama felt the same way when she had Grandson. I don't know any mom who feels confident and self sufficient after having a new baby, whether it's the first or after many. I'm glad Green Mama was able to empathize with the new mom and help her at such a critical time.

One of the best feelings in the world is to bless others, either the way we have been blessed, or we wish we could have been blessed. Many times, after I'm disappointed, I ask myself how I could bless someone else someday. I ask, "What could I do for others so they can be blessed going through a similar trial." I try to use those times to think about what I could do for others. It's so much better than to sulk, fuss, and get bitter.

One example was when I had a baby shower.  Baby showers in my church at the time tended to be fairly well attended. Because my baby and the shower were so close to Christmas, only three people were able to come. I understood that money was tight that time of year, but I was hoping more would come to welcome my baby, even if they had no gift. I did have a little pity party for myself after that night. But then I made the decision that I would not miss another baby shower. If I was invited, or if there was a general invitation and I could put a name with a face, I would do what I could to be there. I am so glad I did, because few years later a missionary had her baby while back in the States. Not many people knew her personally, so I ended up being the only non-family member to make it to her shower. If I hadn't resolved to make it to every shower possible after having a low turnout in one of mine, her experience would have been worse.

There are other times that I have not been disappointed, but I can see a need by living through a difficult circumstance. I never realized how stressful it was to have a child or a husband in the hospital until my own children and husband were there. Some day I'd like to bring snacks and small toys for families in waiting rooms. It isn't something I've done yet, but it's something I'd like to do some day. I know how having a child with a hidden disability can wear on a person, and so I can think of ways to help others in similar circumstances.  I always thought being a single parent would be difficult, but I didn't understand how difficult it really was, until the time Hubby moved to California three months before us. If I hadn't lived through some trials in my life, I wouldn't have really understood what they were going through and what would help.

There are other examples of times when I have been blessed and so I pass the blessing on, knowing how good it feels. Receiving meals after a baby, getting help with babysitting, someone mowing my lawn when my lawnmower was broken, a friend listening and praying for me, and more, are ways I have been blessed. Those times have taught me how good it feels to be blessed by others. And it feels even better to pass the blessings on.

I don't always pass the blessings on right away. I save ideas for another day, like the hospital waiting room snacks. I let some opportunities pass by because I get lazy and selfish. Other times I'm overwhelmed with my own trials. I can't do everything. But I think if more of us do what we can to pass blessings along, and to do unto others as we would have others do unto us, this world will be a better place. And if we look to find ways to be a blessing, and bless others in the places where we have been hurt, we will be blessed ourselves.


  1. Linda, I always find your blogs wonderful and encouraging. Keep it up!