Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Manna Mobile

This afternoon and early evening, Hubby and I went out for a two and a half hour drive to deliver food in the Manna Mobile. I almost didn't go because I was tired and had things to do here at home. But it was rush hour, and we could use the carpool lanes if there were two in the car. I was glad we had a chance to do it together. We were able to talk, and then listen to the start of the presidential debate between stops. When I'm not feeling well, I tend to withdraw. Though we didn't get into any really deep discussions, it was a good time for Hubby and I to reconnect. These little times of getting away together go a long way to drawing us closer together in our marriage. So even though we were blessing others with good food, we were feeding our marriage. The Manna Mobile run was helping a lot of families today, including ours!

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