Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nothing Like a Grandson to Chase the Blues Away

I've been pretty down since finding out about the denial of services for my daughter by email. I not only worried about how she would do as an adult, but was feeling overwhelmed and inadequate as a parent also. It didn't help that the news came on a difficult week when I was already at my limit. Mr. I was able to see it on my face, despite my efforts to hide my sadness, and asked me a few times today what was wrong. I just wasn't my "overly cheerful" self, as one of my daughters described me the other day.

It really helped that my grandson came over just when I was at my lowest point today. There's something about human interaction that cheers me up, especially when that human is such an adorable little guy.
Looking at Pictures of His Mommy and Daddy With Microbio Daughter

Playing With Mr. I

Daring to Touch the Dog

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