Friday, October 12, 2012

Prioritizing or Procrastinating?

Sometimes I can only handle one thing at a time. If I work on too many projects and tasks at once, nothing gets done and I get all flustered. I like to prioritize tasks, doing the most important or most urgent first and then go on down the list.  I can complete more things if I do them according to plan, and don't start too many projects at once. Sometimes I have good intentions of working with a plan, but the kids may need attention, laundry needs to be done, a friend calls, the dog makes a mess, a car breaks down, or a number of other interruptions fill my day. And also because there is so much to do, I often wait until the last minute to begin projects that really should have been started sooner.

Other times I wait until the last minute because I'm just procrastinating unpleasant tasks. Paperwork is one of the jobs that I dislike to do, and often I'll wait until at the last minute to do it. Some housework is on a similar level for me too. There often is something I feel I'd rather do than clean the refrigerator and sort socks. I like to clean a toilet or wash the car more than those chores. I can find so many ways to justify my procrastination when faced with things I don't like to do.

Sometimes it's easy for me to decide whether I'm procrastinating or prioritizing. Other times I just don't know. Today was one of those busy days that made it hard to decide.

This morning was filled with cleaning, laundry, banking, and taking care of the animals, even before the kids woke up. I also tried a different way of teaching Ms. D and Mr. I today. I had them work together on an open book quiz for history. Ms. D is really lagging in her ability to keep up with Mr. I academically, which makes for an interesting dynamic. I'm planning on having more group projects, since this is an important skill for them to learn. They don't work very well together at this point. This took a bit more work on my part to homeschool today.

In the afternoon, Grandson came over so his mama could go to a retreat. Since his daddy was coming here after work to pick Grandson up and have dinner, I made some soup and homemade bread. The bread was so good, but it did take a bit more time to make dinner than normal.

Now all of this would have been enough for one day, but tomorrow one of my daughters is going to Ren Fair. She had asked me weeks ago to make her a chemise. She cut it out, but it had been sitting around waiting for me to sew it. Since I knew it would only take a couple of hours to finish, and things have been busy around here, I waited until today. I don't know what I was thinking, since I didn't leave any room for setbacks. I was so intent on getting it done, I didn't even notice that Microbio Daughter took a picture.

I don't know if I was prioritizing or procrastinating with this project. But I got it done in time.

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