Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stressed? Me? Hah!

It's scary when even the dentist is able to see that I'm too stressed out by just looking at my teeth.

This morning I had a dentist appointment, but I also had to do some beginning of the month things that were really due yesterday, but with the kids' appointments, schoolwork, and picking up grandson from the airport (whoohoo!), I just didn't have the time. Well, I started the guide dog puppy monthly report with Ms. D, but I couldn't get the printer turned on. So I didn't get it mailed out until today.

This morning I finished the puppy report and got it ready to mail, but then I realized I needed to fill out a homeschool affidavit for our state, and also an attendance report for Ms. D's school. So I had to fill out an online form for the state and print it out. Unfortunately, the printer ran out of ink and I couldn't make the hard copy. Before I knew it, Mr. I reminded me of my dentist appointment.

So I rushed to the dentist for my cleaning. When the dentist was examining my teeth, she noticed I clench them. I don't think I do it at night, but I have noticed it during the day when I get all stressed out. I clench my teeth and hold my breath. What's interesting is that she also noticed Ms. D's attitude towards me yesterday and said almost the same thing the psychologist told me. They both said I need to tell Ms. D the truth about the birth family, with proof, and let her know we don't want her to throw her life away, and we do things for her because we love her. After wiping away a tear or two, I joked with the dentist that she should have a side job as a psychologist since she said the same thing just about word for word! I'm not even paraphrasing it as well, and I heard the psychologist!

After the dentist, I went back home and spent the rest of the afternoon filling out forms, homeschooling, and shopping. We got printer cartridges and of course there's a discount clothing store next to the office supply place. Mr. I just wanted to look, but we each got something. I got a cute pair of boots that were so comfortable, though it did seem weird buying boots when it was in the upper 90's today. But it's the kind of store that gets picked over quickly, and the right sized boots may not be there next week.

I haven't been stress free after the dentist. How can I possibly keep calm inside when everything I tried to do on the computer today had problems? Browsers kept crashing, the printer had problems, and I have a hard time learning new ways of doing things when the old ways just didn't work. Oh, and the kids had their moments today too. But I am trying not to clench my teeth. God's going to have to give me peace, since I'm really bad at calming myself down. I hope the dentist won't see the effects of stress on my teeth and gums the next time I go in for a cleaning!

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