Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tabernacle and the Terrible Twos

What? My youngest kids aren't two? They are nearly thirteen and fourteen? Really? You could have fooled me by the way they acted!

Today I took them to a Tabernacle replica. Yes, it wasn't our normal routine. Yes, it is Halloween and Mr. I had plans to go to a friend's right after school and he was afraid he'd be late. Yes, neither of the kids have ever done well at a museum, ship, or a field trip of any kind. But I was hoping that they would pay attention, since our Bible lessons lately have been about Moses, the Israelites wandering in the desert, and the Tabernacle. It seemed like perfect timing to me when I found out about the traveling exhibit at a local church.

The timing might have worked with our school schedule, but my kids acted worse than the preschoolers that were there at the same time we came. They fidgeted, refused to look at the volunteers in the eye, talked when they were supposed to be reverent and quiet, tore the linen scraps in little pieces that blew in the wind, splashed water at the other, gagged and coughed at the scent of the incense, and turned off the audio tour halfway through the tour, thinking I'd leave because they were finished. When they were done, they started arguing with each other using non church like language as I quickly ushered them away from the other people. I'm glad I didn't go with anyone in our homeschool group. I had a chance, but I had a feeling my kids would distract. They did, but I hope I was the only one distracted. I doubt it though. This video was taken when they were behaving themselves better near the start of the tour.

Surprisingly, Mr. I got something out of the time. He was able to talk a little about it as I drove them home. I am amazed that he learned something. So even though it was difficult, I'm glad I took them. But I won't go to the homeschool field trip with them tomorrow, going on a backstage tour. I can't handle two straight days of the terrible twos teens.

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