Saturday, November 17, 2012

Give, and it Will be Given to You

My heart is just overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. Why? Because today I've seen some of my older kids give what little they have of their time and money to be a blessing to others.

Sometimes I am amazed at my kids. Most of the time I don't see their generosity, but I see glimpses from time to time. Today one of my daughters gave to a missionary friend who has dengue hemorrhagic fever. This daughter works hard to earn money for college, yet she still gave. Most young adults her age would spend extra money on concerts and clothes, but she is spending it on helping to save the life of our friend. We wouldn't have found out about it, except that she gave through a nonprofit my husband runs, Progress Tools. Another daughter and a son worked in the rain doing Beautiful Day projects through their church today. And then that daughter took Ms. D to church this evening, despite being so tired.  She does so much to help me with the two youngest children, and often I hardly notice when she quietly helps. I see my sons and daughters in law give of their time, finances, and talents to bless others. I am thrilled that they have caught the vision, that they give of what little they have.  My heart just bursts with pride and love for these awesome young people.

And I pray that as they give, they will receive an even greater blessing. Luke 6:38

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