Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Anxiety Vs. Peaceful Enjoyment

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It's one of my daughter's favorite holidays too. This is what she wrote today:
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all, even more than Christmas! ♥ Amazing food, fantastic people, lots of family, and all about being thankful and positive! All the best things!
 Of course, not everyone I know enjoys holidays. My friend in Honduras can't get the traditional Thanksgiving foods. One year she got a turkey, but it was the toughest old bird! This year she can't have visitors because of her husband's sickness and is spending the day visiting the doctor for a checkup, not a loved on for a meal. Hubby said that some of the group homes he visits empty out, and the jails fill up, because of the anxiety around the holidays. And of course, my kids have been pretty dysregulated the past few days. Ms. D won't do much of anything but lay around watching movies on the computer. She complains about being tired, or her feet are too tired to walk the dog, or she's too cold, or...  Mr. I keeps begging people to take him shopping for things he doesn't need and wants to get a haircut at a barber today. It's Thanksgiving. He can wait.

Despite the turmoil in my kids' hearts, I am keeping calm. It helps to know that holidays are pretty rough, and this year may be even worse for them because we aren't doing anything with the birth family. The birth dad hasn't called since last Sunday. He knows how to get a hold of us. But he probably is still upset that Hubby told him that Ms. D was disappointed. But he needs to own up to his mistakes, instead of blaming all his problems on others. And we need to protect our children, not only from danger, but from further rejection or flakiness.

So I am choosing to be thankful. I am choosing to be peaceful. No matter how much the kids complain or act up, I am going to enjoy my Thanksgiving weekend. It is, after all, my favorite holiday!

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