Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Met the Birth Dad for the First Time

Today I met Birth Dad for the first time. It almost didn't work out. I had a migraine this afternoon and was afraid I wouldn't act normally. Well I still have one but it's been better after the sun set. Mr. I didn't want to go at first. He was so ambivalent, first he wanted to go, then not. But after Hubby and Ms. D left, he called them on the phone to turn back. I'm glad he went, because this might be the last time he can see his birth dad for awhile. Birth Dad got a call yesterday that he got a job, so he needed to leave early. It was also nice that one of the birth brothers came by too, since Mr. I and Ms. D missed him.

The visit went well. Ms. D didn't talk much and Birth Dad was a bit nervous around her, so there was a little bit of awkward silence at first. But as the night went on, people were more talkative. We got to know each other a little better. I'm glad I got to meet the birth dad.

So tomorrow, Ms. D and Hubby will drop by one last time to give Birth Dad a Bible and say their goodbyes. We'll see how things go, since it will be another loss for my kids. They don't do loss very well. I guess no one really does, but because of all the losses in my kids' lives, it seems to hit them harder. I hope to give the kids enough tools to learn to live with loss, because you just can't avoid it. But it's an important skill for them to learn, so that they can learn to love more. And learning to give and receive love is the best thing I can teach, encourage, and model to my kids.

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