Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moms' Night Out

Last night was our monthly Moms' Night Out for our homeschool group. Not only do we talk about business things like field trips, but we also have a time when we can share how things are going with each of us and pray for each other. It is an uplifting time, since many of us in our group have at least one child with some kind of special need.

One of the problems of raising kids with special needs is that we often get so tired out and busy, another night out can be overwhelming. So last night, many in our group could not make it. So the three of us who were able to be there turned the meeting into a handcraft evening. I brought something to knit, but one of the women there showed us how to make a crocheted wreath. It was so good to work on the same type of project and chat! And they turned out pretty cute too!

Here is a picture of mine after the puppy got to it this morning. The bow is a little fuzzy and beat up, but you can get the idea.

I still have to put on some little beads, ornaments, or bells.

I won't write the directions out entirely, but they were easy to make. First we cut a ring out of a vinyl place mat to the desired size. Next we tied the yarn to the ring and single crocheted around the ring, picking up the yarn so that the ring is wrapped in yarn. Then, after making a six stitch chain, we basically double crocheted, chained three, double crocheted for the next row. Finally, we turned the wreath around and did the same thing behind the double crocheted row to give the wreath fullness. Weave in the ends, add the bow and decorations, and you can use it as an ornament or decoration, depending on the size.

It didn't take long to make. I'm considering making some for the nursing home we plan to visit with our home school group. We'll see how it goes!

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