Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mr. I Finding Beauty in a Sunset

This evening, as Mr. I and I were going to get groceries, we saw a beautiful sunset. Mr. I said the pink clouds looked like cotton candy. He then snapped a picture.

I was too amazed to take one myself. For the most part, my youngest are happier inside a mall than outside in nature. They usually complain when we drag them to the beach or woods. It's one of the areas that we have a disconnect. Each of my children enjoy different kinds of music, food, and dress differently, but my birth children have some similarities. They even like to go camping, which the youngest two can't stand! Our two adopted children are a part of our family, but there are big differences in their tastes, likes, and dislikes. I don't know how much is inside them and how much comes from their time before they came to our home or since they've been in contact with the birth family. But these areas are there.

I love to see the beautiful colors of a sunset, and often point them out to others around me. It's always been a bit disappointing to me that the youngest kids tend to act unimpressed. But tonight was different.  Mr. I enjoyed a part of nature as much as I did. He saw beauty in what I call "God's painting." We were able to connect while finding beauty in a sunset.

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