Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ms. D Talked!

I'm so proud of Ms. D! She went to visit Birth Dad last night and she told him that she didn't like that he let her down last week.  Hubby said she told Birth Dad her feelings in a good way. This is a big step for her. Normally she holds her disappointments, hurts, and fears in and puts up walls around her. It comes out in other ways that are not healthy. When she was little, she acted fearful when we asked her to sit down and talk. She'd scratch her neck and cheek or pull her hair if something bothered her. As she grew, it would take months before she trusted people with even a little information, and even then she'd hold her biggest feelings inside. We feel the pseudo seizures happen because she holds in stress.  All last week she slept too much, ate too little, was grumpy, and didn't give Brewster much attention at all. I knew she was upset, but she wouldn't share her feelings. But this morning, after visiting the birth dad and expressing her thoughts, she woke up hours earlier, played with the dog, ate breakfast, and smiled! I hope she continues to express herself. She's like a different girl!

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