Sunday, November 11, 2012

Redemption, Forgiveness, and Careful Watching

This weekend Hubby was able to talk to Birth Dad about his relationship to God during a visit with Ms. D. Hubby said there were was a time when the conversation was heated, but it ended with Hubby and Birth Dad praying together. Hubby talked to him about redemption and forgiveness, and Birth Dad seemed open to following Jesus.

Hubby was able to bring Birth Dad to a church today. This was a perfect church to go to, since Hubby was the only white guy there and the pastor is an ex-gang banger. The birth dad felt comfortable and seemed to respond to the message.

One interesting thing that happened was when Hubby introduced Birth Dad to a friend who runs one of the SLE group homes we deliver food to. Birth Dad told the friend that Hubby adopted his kids years ago, and the friend told the Birth Dad how he had a hard past and lost his kids too. They really had a connection. Last night at our church, some of the others who knew this friend told Hubby to see if they could get these two guys together sometime, not knowing about the friend's past or that he went to the church Hubby went to this morning. Isn't it just like God to arrange things like that?

We are really encouraged by Birth Dad's response this weekend. It seems like God is working in his life, and that he is beginning to heal. After our experience with Birth Mom I'm a little reluctant that the change is permanent at this point, so I am carefully watching. I did joke with Ms. D today though. I told her, "What will you do if you have two dads who are crazy about Jesus?" She sighed, rolled her eyes, and said, "I don't want to think of that!"

Oh, and I learned something my kids have known for ages but I was clueless until I heard the words from three different people yesterday. Someone said I can't be a very good Mexican because I didn't know what Chola and Cholo were. Ya, probably... Sigh... And it doesn't help I'm really old, according to my teenaged kids. I guess it's a little payback time. But I have one advantage over my mom when I overhear a new word come out of my kids' mouths. I have Google! Bwaahaahaahaaaa!

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