Friday, November 16, 2012


I was going to say I didn't realize how anxious I was yesterday, but that would be a lie. So many things were piling up both in my life and in the lives of those I love. I would catch myself eating too much chocolate, holding my breath, and not having as much patience with the kids as I would like. Some of the things I have been praying and hoping for have not been resolved, but others are beginning to fall into place.

One of the things was my daughter's car. She couldn't get it to shift into reverse or even park. Fortunately we live in a neighborhood that doesn't have too much crime, because the key was in the ignition overnight. Since that car has almost 300,000 miles on it, I was worried that the cost to fix it would be in the hundreds of dollars. A car like that can easily cost more to fix it than it is worth, and I was afraid we'd have to go car shopping again. I took it in to our neighbor's shop anyway today, and he fixed it for free! There was just too much gunk that accumulated over the years on the shifter. He also found a nail in one of the tires and fixed that too. I hate to think of what would have happened if the car didn't need to be fixed, the tire wasn't fixed, and the nail caused a flat on the highway at night. Here I was, fretting about where I would find a couple hundred dollars, and the repair was so easy he didn't charge us. And not only that, my daughter was protected. What a great neighbor! What a blessing!

How many times do I fuss about some inconvenience, and it turns out that inconvenience prevents a worse problem? How many times do I worry about something, and the thing I worry about isn't as big of a deal as I fear? How much extra stress do I experience because I worry about tomorrow, what could happen, or what could be the worst case scenario?

I'd like to think I will eventually learn how to trust God to take care of my needs. I'd also like to find a way to plan but not worry, pray but let the burden go, and have concern but not get depressed when I see people suffer. Learning these things is not coming easily, but I'm having plenty of practice! There is so much going on. But for now I breath a sigh of relief, and thank God for the blessings he's given me today.

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  1. Oh, I am so glad that turned out so well. May this next week continue the blessings!