Monday, December 10, 2012

Choosing Predictability and Routine

Today we were supposed to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for their homeschool day activities. We aren't going.

Last week, the kids were disappointed because the birth dad didn't show up when we tried to get him and the kids together. He still hasn't answered their calls since we were arranging for him to say goodbye to the kids last Thursday. The kids have been very dysregulated. They would have been anyway, because of the excitement and changes in schedule that birthdays and holidays bring. Mr. I, especially, has acted oddly the past few weeks and has regressed in his attachment to our family. It isn't fair, but it is understandable, that he has taken his anger, fears, and disappointment out on Hubby and me.

It is really important for us to give our children predictability. I just saw this video from Empowered to Connect this morning as I was making the decision of whether to go on a field trip or not. It confirmed to me that we needed to stay home today. It isn't that we can't ever go on field trips or change schedules. But because of where my children are at right now, the best thing is for us to reestablish our schedule so they feel protected and loved.

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  1. No WAY! We DID go to the MBA homeschool day yesterday! How fun would that have been, to run into you!

    And actually, in response to your most recent post about perhaps needing an ear for a bit--and not a *complete* stranger--please do let me know if you ever want to meet at the beach or something. My kids are a lot younger, but you know what might work and we would be very flexible. : ) You won't be able to freak me out, and I would actually be interested and care. : )

    But you did the right thing yesterday not going to the aquarium. It is so busy and fairly overwhelming--so glad you chose what your family needed. I'm just being encouraging in case it is helpful to hear another homeschool mom say that! ; )