Monday, December 17, 2012

Fur Baby Scare

One of my sons and his wife had a scare today. Their kitty was having a hard time breathing and was turning cyanotic, so she rushed Mushu to the veterinarian. My son was stranded at work and needed to go be with his wife, as she was waiting to see if it was terminal congestive heart failure or something not quite as bad. So I had the privilege of helping them out. It isn't often I get to help my adult children, and I love it when I have the chance to do it. Feeding them is right up there too! No matter how old they are, I'll always be their mom.

Oh, and Mushu kitty is doing better this evening and was able to come home. She had some sort of allergic/asthma reaction and has pneumonia too. She should get well, though now they have to do some detective work.  Fortunately, my daughter-in-law is studying respiratory therapy, so of all the kids, she is the most qualified.

There are lessons to learn from this experience. It helps to remember that life is short and precious. We need to let others know we love them. It's good to help each other out and ask when we need help ourselves. Sometimes experiencing crises helps a person to be a better caregiver to someone else, more compassionate, and more aware of what others are going through.

I pray that whatever was meant for harm will be turned to good. God is good at doing that kind of thing.

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