Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just When I Thought...

Just when I thought Mr. I was regressing more than I could handle and was pushing us away, and just when I thought I was failing as a mother, Mr. I did a major turnaround.

People must have been praying, because his attitude changed 180 degrees while I wasn't even home.

I went with some of my homeschool moms to bless a friend who has cancer. It was actually supposed to be a surprise, but it wasn't. And that was just fine, since I think my friend kind of enjoyed tricking us back. It was good for me to get away from the pressures at home and talk to adults about something other than my kids and how they are doing. I know that if I had, I would have broken down crying, and that wouldn't have been very uplifting for anyone. We told funny stories and I laughed until I cried. Yes, I couldn't avoid the tears, but happy tears are a lot better than sad tears, especially when we all needed some cheering up.

But the real miracle was when I came home. Mr. I asked me how my time went with the other moms. He did his schoolwork that he didn't do earlier in the day. He did cool dances and had us watch. Mr. I was peaceful and didn't ask to go out and buy something. He ate my food, even though it was cheap pizza that I picked up on the way home. Mr. I didn't come home telling us he got into a fight. He looked into my eyes, said he loved me, and asked for a good night prayer.

What was amazing is that this all happened after I left him and his sister alone in the house for a couple of hours. I was only five minutes away and could have hurried home in an emergency, but lately Mr. I has been fearful of me leaving him to walk the dog in the neighborhood. When I left, he was fearful, resistant to schoolwork, and showed signs of anxious attachment. But when I came back, he was attached, enjoyed being with the family, and was fun to be around. This change didn't happen after an afternoon of intensive attachment parenting. It didn't happen because of anything I did. I don't know why he healed so quickly, but it's pretty nice.

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