Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poor Brewster

Brewster had a long day today. It was the day of  The Big Operation.

We took him to an awesome spay and neuter clinic in Fremont, called For Paws. It's a nonprofit place that is run by people that absolutely love animals.  The woman in the second picture is one of the workers there. She explained every possible question we would have. She even answered Mr. I's question about why Brewster's eyes were watery. He thought Brewster was crying. But the woman explained that it was a cream that they put on his eyes so that they wouldn't dry out during the surgery. I was so thankful that everyone there was so patient and kind.

The veterinarian was the artist who painted the walls. Aren't they cute?
I loved the waiting room!

Checking to see if Brewster was waiting for us behind the door.  He was!

Resting when we came back home.

Poor Brewster! He has to wear the Cone of Shame when we aren't right next to him. He's feeling better this evening, though, and I'm so thankful. Mr. I and Ms. D were so worried about Brewster today. They regressed a lot. But as the anesthesia wore off, the kids calmed down. I'm glad I realized their behaviors had an underlying cause. It's easier to be patient when you know the trigger.

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