Saturday, December 1, 2012

Puppies in the Christmas Parade

Our guide dog puppy group was in a Christmas parade today. Hubby, Ms. D and Brewster all went while I stayed home with Mr. I. Microbio Daughter braved the parking and the weather and saw the parade.

Despite the occasional rain shower, Ms. D had a great time.
The group posed for pictures before the parade. 

It was a bit odd for these puppies to walk on the road with cars and trucks. We normally keep them off the streets and keep on the sidewalks. But they did really well in the crowds.
Brewster saw a wagon and wanted to ride. Another time he wouldn't walk unless Hubby carried him. Hey, Brewster! You're a big dog now!

This little puppy had a even nicer ride!
After awhile Brewster had to walk! No more ride. No more being carried by Hubby. It's time to work!

But at least he didn't have to wear stupid reindeer antlers like Nelly!

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