Monday, December 10, 2012

Running Off at the Mouth

Yes, that was me today.

I noticed I needed a couple of new tires this afternoon so I left the kids with Blackbelt daughter. I brought a book to read and planned to spend a couple of hours unwinding in the waiting room. A police show was on the TV, and a woman who was waiting with me made some kind of comment about a stupid crook who shot at a police officer. I then made a comment about how I couldn't believe he only had a $50k bail amount when my kids' birth mom had a $500k warrant out for her arrest. From there I told the poor woman in the waiting room just about everything that has happened the past couple of years with the kids and their birth family. I went on, and on, and on. Have you ever had a conversation and in the middle of it you realize you are saying too much to some complete stranger? I had one of those times today. Poor lady!

I think I'll have to find some other outlet to process my feelings than some random woman waiting for her car to be finished.

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