Thursday, December 6, 2012

Scary Haircut

Yesterday I took Mr. I to get a haircut at the barber's. I could have done it myself, but Mr. I is getting pickier and pickier about every single hair on his head. This is kind of silly because he is also obsessed with hats. His friends rarely see him without one. Because Mr. I has been going through so much upheaval lately, I thought is safer to have someone else who knows what he is doing cut Mr. I's hair. Unfortunately, the barber left a quarter inch spot on his head where the hair was a tiny bit thinner than the surrounding area. Mr. I kept asking me if I could see the bald spot. It wasn't bald, just a millimeter thinner. He could not just wait a couple of days for his hair to grow out. No, he had to obsess over that little spot that I could not see unless I was specifically looking at it, in bright light, and without a hat which only comes off for sleep and a shower.

Last night, Mr. I watched a few videos on how to do a side taper, fade haircut or whatever it's called. He had me look at it so I could fix it, but I was distracted by making cookies for the homeschool cookie exchange today and in general try not to cut hair after I start to get sleepy. This morning he got up much too early so that he could have me look at the video again. I had him wait until after I ate breakfast. This sent him into a meltdown, which I tried my best to ignore. Have you ever tried to eat your cereal with strawberries with a raging kid in the background? It didn't help with my digestion. It also didn't help my fear of not being able to cut it any better than the barber. It would be so easy to make a mistake. In the past he's refused to go anywhere until a haircut grew out. I really want to get together with the homeschool group today. We've had to miss homeschool events too many times lately because of meltdowns or bad days. Mr. I was also disappointed yesterday because Birthdad kept calling during the day when Mr. I was busy with friends in the mall, and then made other plans in the evening when Mr. I wanted to visit. Birthdad is leaving this evening, so hopefully we'll be able to connect. It also was Mr. I's birthday and which is near the holidays. All this to say that Mr. I had been in danger of meltdowns anyway, so a tiny mistake in his hair sent him over the edge. And the danger of me making a bigger mistake was daunting.

So this morning, after everyone calmed down, I got the clippers out. I was so scared. It took awhile to get it just right, but I was able to cut his hair the way he wanted it! Whew! Another meltdown avoided!

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