Monday, January 14, 2013

And This is a Good Day?

I have two sickies in the house today.

I spent half the morning speaking to three different customer service reps, and waited on hold for too long because they couldn't figure out how to transfer me to a different department or handle my problem. I'll have to wait two to five business days for someone to investigate and correct a mistake made by the bank.

I had to teach the only child that is well on a Monday. This child doesn't like to do schoolwork on any day, but Mondays are even more difficult.

While on hold with the bank, I kept calling out to the sick child to get up in what I thought was a cheerful tone. "Come on! Time to get up!" It was past 10:30 and I didn't realize that child was sick. I couldn't distinguish between grunts of sickness and grunts of laziness. Then the child that wasn't sick told me that I was yelling. I can get a lot louder if I need to. Apparently, any voice over a whisper is yelling to a kid that has been mumbling to us since we got back from vacation.Yes, we've had the typical RAD mumbling and talking too fast for anyone to understand for the past few days. Fun, fun, fun!

I'll have to walk the neighbor dogs since the main dog walker is sick. I don't enjoy walking those dogs. Neither does the child who is well.  But he just reminded me that we need to walk them!

But despite all this, I'm having a good day. I can't quite figure it out, but I'm calm and cheerful. Have you ever had a day with a bunch of irritations, but feel like those problems just slip away without sticking? That's how I feel today, and for that, I'm so thankful!

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  1. I think I know the feeling you are talking about--and it must just be the Holy Spirit. Or at least that's what I always assume when I'm in good spirits despite my day's circumstances, because normally I'm in danger of being ruled by them. SO GLAD you felt that way on that day, though!