Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brewster the Guide Dog Puppy

It's been awhile since I wrote about Brewster.
Ms. D and Brewster
 It's been a pretty eventful week or two for the little guy.

Sleeping with Kirby after a long day of playing.
He didn't go with us to Oregon, but stayed with a couple of puppy raiser families. He did pretty well and experienced some things he hasn't been exposed to in our home, like cats, movie theaters, and stores. Since he did well in those places, we decided to take him ourselves... the grocery store...

Brewster in front of Brewskies

... To church with Ms. D and Microbio Daughter...

...And this morning he went to his puppy class, where he met a new puppy sponsored by 49er cornerback, Chris Culliver.

Oh, and one more thing! This morning, Brewster found a bunny in our backyard. About 4:00 am, Ms. D let Brewster out to do his business but he strangely wouldn't come back in. He kept staring at something under the trampoline. When she went out to investigate, she found the little bunny in the cold rain. Brewster has been amazing with the little thing, licking it and being so gentle with it. We are trying to find where the bunny belongs since it is so tame, it has to be loved by somebody. 

Brewster is such a good dog! I hope he makes someone a fine guide dog someday.

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