Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brewster's Bunny

Brewster found a bunny last week.

Ms. D let Brewster out to do his business early in the morning. It was dark and raining. Brewster would not come back in, which is odd, since he normally doesn't like it when it's wet. So Ms. D went to where he was staring and saw the bunny. At first she thought it was a skunk, so she was pretty brave. She woke up her siblings and they helped her get the indoor bunny cage and feed him.

Brewster liked the bunny and so did Ms. D. But because of allergies, we just couldn't keep him indoors, where he could stay tame. So we had to find either the bunny's home or someplace new. We put out signs, put up an ad, and asked most of the neighbors. There was no response, at least no legitimate responses. I did get three emails, one for a rabbit that was lost twenty miles from us, another with advice, and the final one was for a "business opportunity."

Ms. D had a hard time with it, but we found a good home for the bunny. In the meantime, she took care of Brewster and the bunny in her room. Because I was trying to stay away from rabbit dander, I didn't realize until after the bunny left that Ms. D had let the bunny loose with Brewster. What surprised me is that Brewster did really well with the bunny. The pictures and video were all made by Ms. D.

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